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How Amkor Technology Philippines Employees’ Cooperative became a force for good

by Deivid Rioferio

It is interesting to know how Amkor Technology Philippines Employees’ Cooperative (ATPECOOP) ended up not just helping themselves but also others.

As a voluntary association of Amkor Technology Philippines team members, ATPECOOP was established to promote among them thrift and savings, to pool resources for grants and loans, and to improve social and economic well-being. From its humble beginning 40 years ago, the cooperative has grown into a well-organized group able to meet the needs of their members.

the horizon is filled with opportunities

For Vice Chairman Dhon Loyola, the horizon is filled with opportunities to further improve the welfare of his comrades at one of the country’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors. Loyola, in an interview with CSR Insights, shared the genuine desire of ATPECOOP to serve not only its member but also the community.

They have helped many communities. He recalled how volunteers from their team went to a school supported by non-profit LINKS and aided in renovating its library. LINKS Co-Founder and President Ningning Doble said it was humbling to work with Amkor Cooperative for many years now.

ATPECOOP posts a timely reminder on their website: Do what is right, not what is easy. Today when frail options abound, we look after each other and encourage one another and become a force for good.

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